The Battle of Overlook

Fallen Angels

Upon the winds of the Northern skies, the cries of demons sent shivers down my spine as I approached Silver Lake. Our gryphons also noticed the wails as they reared in discontent. I was in search of my missing comrade, Chidori; I should give her more credit, for she was far closer than any comrade. She had been sent to the area against my wishes by the elf, Taya Phiarlan, to scout the lake for information. I fear, for she believed it nothing more than a scouting mission and was sent unprepared. Because of that fear, I gathered my gear to go in search of my childhood friend, the rest of my men were already geared to go. Casher my mount in hand, “we are ready when you are, sir.” “Captain,” Casher, my second in command called as he heard the screams. I looked at him, giving him a nod. The pit in my stomach grew deeper. Chidori please be okay. As we neared Silver Lake, I could see the infernal gates, monsters coming forth in hordes and Chidori nowhere to be seen. We raced forth, weapons at the ready, a mighty war cry upon our lips as we engaged the horrid creatures. We collided with the demons, felling many of them as we exchanged blows. But it became apparent that we would lose. This fact did nothing to stop our search for Chidori. A lucky blow knocked me off of my mount, but not before I cleaved my attacker in two. As I fell, I noticed the lake was no longer silver, but polluted with a black ichor from the blood of demons. Thinking that this would be my last chance, I cried out, “Silver Flame, grant me my wish!” as I crashed head first into the lake. As I walked out of the lake, its surface was ablaze with silver flames, blurring my vision. I thanked the Silver Flame for granting my wish. I noticed a lone knight, surrounded by demons. I called once more upon my deity to send blast after blast of divine lances, catching the nasty brutes off guard. Taking advantage of my relentless assault, the swordswoman’s blades ran black with demonblood. I ran to her in the hope that I had found Chidori. “Chi…..” I began, but realized the woman standing before me was not my comrade, “are you okay?” Looking over the woman, her armor was cracked and battered and she was well winded, but overall she appeared fine. “Yes, thanks to you,” she said between breaths, “Je m’appelle Sarisa, monsieur.” “You are welcome, I am Callidus Brant, and though I am glad that you are well I must hurry to find one of my close subordinates.” “Then let me accompany you in your search to repay you, mon petit fleur.” As I began my search again, Sarisa followed me no matter how I protested. Seeking guidance from my deity in my search, I looked to the heavens and saw a familiar beacon of silver light, the rescue flare of my squad. We rushed off in search of the light’s source. As I neared an area of ruins, I slowed to a stop, as my breath caught in my throat. I was filled with anger, sorrow, and disbelief as I came upon the broken body of my Chidori. I rushed to her, and lifted her gently into my arms. “Is that you, Call-kun?” Her voice was no more than a whisper against my cheek. “Yes, yes it is, save your strength— I’ll start healing you now,” I said, though as a plea to comfort myself. “No, it’s fine now……. I’ve been chosen by the Dragon Queen,” she whispered looking into my eyes. “Please no don’t do this, let me save you, please,” I sobbed as I hugged her tighter, as if that would make her stay with me longer. “I can see her light now………. Good bye… Call…kun.” I let loose a roar that tore through the night that could send a demon or worse into a deep fear for their life. I screamed until I could no longer make a sound, sobbing as I held her.


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