The Battle of Overlook

Last Accounts of Drohagan

As my and my fellow band approached the foundry there was an eerie air of which I had known only twice in my life. Flashes came as I thought of my two troupes that had met their end under my reign. Their faces and families faces of anguish and grief. I knew after those that my abilities as a leader were lacking, but now under Calidus Brant I find hope in solid and sound leadership from a moral standing like none I had seen before.
When at the door we found there were two dead already there. It was odd to me that their faces were leaking blood in the same way I had witnessed Mirtalia do numerous times. Upon investigating we found that the lady we had received aid from a while ago was in our presence. I approached her and, while I wished so badly for her to be on our side, I remained cautious of her in respect my friends safety. During our conversation I pieced together that Frea was inside.
Without hesitation I launched in and went to find her. She, while yes stealing from me, had shown no ill intentions and promised us assistance. Surely her allegiance would help in our endeavors. I found her standing at the end of the room across a lake of fireat the head of what seemed to be somewhere around 20 men. These tiny people were of no interest to me. I exchanged words with her to no prevail. Perhaps I am to far away?
As my cohorts made their way in I dashed to her, leaping over the lake with ease. I landed and continued to her. Now having moved to a Wyvern she had let out of a large pot, she stood looking at it. As I initiated a conversation with her, she seemed to misunderstand her own situation. She was obviously in some way in control of the Wyvern yet she didn’t realize it yet. I attempted to convince her of the fact that she was in control, and then there was a flash… Cannon fire after cannon fire rained down upon me. Fist after fist thrashed me. I could feel myself being torn apart steadily until I blacked out.
I went in and out of the fight after that hearing clashes and final groans. I even remember seeing myself being dragged by Lepidius in a strange unearthly place at one point. I thought, how did you muster up this strength my friend? When I came to I was in front of the wicked beast of a women Frea yet again. As Calidus stood up from healing me he took a sword to the back and fell to the ground. No!!! I can’t let him die for me!!!
I was still in searing pain, but Calidus was on the verge of death, so I grabbed one of the merchants blood vials as fast as I could and made him chug it. I stuck it so far down his throat he coughed and woke up immediately. As I turned back to the threat, I saw Lepidius in a shambled sight where I had been before. This was only a brief sight. It was immediately blocked out by the Wyverns canons yet again.
I spat blood alongside my following words. “Run friends.” I lay there as I watched one by one they ran out the door. The only one to stop by me was Calidus. I can’t remember the exchange we had, but I do remember handing him Dread and Chaos in the hopes he might keep them safe for me. Stay well my friends. Our journey parts ways here. Farewell.Drohagan Ashlord


TrinityLancer TrinityLancer

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