The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Day One

Silver Lake, the place where my new friends met. The place my life changed and hell seemed to wake. The very same place where my unquenchable love solidified and I touched her hand. The retrieval of a blade I do not deserve. I have studied hard though I am gifted b the Lady of the White Well. Her power is beyond me, but it touches me. I only ask to praise her in life and death. She is beyond compare in beauty but blessing all who revere her.

I mention this for how else have I lived this far? Silver Lake was hell! Ever since then, I have lost m consciousness in the heat of battle. How can I be so meek… that is how I know Erza to be praised, for she is strong. Luck doesn’t dwell with me. My party is blessed by her favor. I do not deserve her… I only see my failures and her blessings.

The meeting of the “Emerald Claw” has been our most current dispute. Their weapons have originated from a local mercenary guild, the Black Arrow. However, powerful Drakatha have pressed an assault into our path. They have oppressed these people and my party is trying to save those held hostage. We have been called upon by the city council to save the captured loved ones.

We arrive by skill and blessings of the one deserving of love & freedom. Arriving at the Rivenroar castle, their chosen hellish scene I once more drop after seeing fellows fall before me. My hatred of my weakness has grown. How can I be blessed? How can we live? Erza… I will keep striving, but death… I keep seeing your White Well… Why do you hold my wounds? Why don’t you pull me down? What value do you find in me? I do not question anyone but myself. Then, I will fight and I will fight… until I die and someone more deserving rises from the place of hell I drown in.


TrinityLancer TrinityLancer

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