The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Letter 10-11

A resolved matter and a great day

Dear Lady,

I have finally gained what I needed to create your forge. In the end I will create a place to worship you. I am defective but I crave to be deserving. The marriage is resolved and undone. As it should be. You know better than I. The forge didn’t make it well. We, (Brant, Tala, Drogahan, Leon, Erlock, and myself) all tried to recreate the unused forge but we did more harm than good. Will be attempting again when the chance comes again. To elaborate, you know how even as a blade master and a prince…I am not much of the man I wish to be. I only know sacrifice of myself. I have been since the beginning. Maybe I should learn to trust more in my brothers and my men. They make it further than I. The marriage is nulled and a woman’s heart broken. Though I was knocked unconscious by a being who I am now rather angry about and am tempted to unleash a just hatred on him…but he, and Gwen, I am thankful for. They made it possible to see a young woman continue her journey for love. I have already found mine. I just need to be the man that can bring you out of the White Well. This letter was sent late and a new event has come an gone. We made it to a Dwarven Monastery being pillaged and desecrated by orcs. So we slaughtered them. It was strangely satisfying to see them bleed. I hope you got a taste as well with the power I had to bring hands out to tear them down. They didn’t like it much but Drakkan and Brant did well as was expected. May you bless us once more with a victory like this.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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