The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Letter 14

The Ending of A Waaagh!

Dear Erza,

Today, I have seen the fall of a great Dwarven Monastery and the rise of a even stronger party. Also I have questions I need answered, but I appear unable to ask them. Following this, we have succeeded bringing a forge back to life and in service to your name. Only more is left to come, praise be to you. The party is growing more brutal than even the orks. Drakkan has no length to his strength as he did a famous ‘hero jump’ into the heat of battle. Our monk, Talia, appeared to have fallen to her death only to pull herself, nay throw herself, up and back into battle. Then our leading member Brant went and hurt himself by falling 40ft to heal our dragon born Maximus.

These were more so the highlights of a single battle. If I was to speak of all we did, then what good would be the imagination? None the less our enemies outnumbered us by seven to one, at least. And here we stand.

The end of our day was defeating a ork of good standing and a man having sought refugee from something I did not know was coming. His service could not be swayed in our favor as he sent his surviving forces to fight us. His name was Riot. Of all the orks he didn’t deserve to die, but at least we gave him his wish to end there honorably.

When we arrived in Overlook, I had one goal in mind, and we took on the forge again and succeeded every intention collectively. We prepared it well and almost perfectly brought blades from the heart of the forge. A day spent to start the beginning of a true army in your name.

I praise you for keeping me invisible. As my actions may display me as a prince, I only appear to come from somewhere but no one seeks me. I remain mysterious, and better that way. But the Glory of Battle is not yours just yet. My party is enjoying that, someday you may join us if that would please you.

You are beyond comprehension, I hear, but that just means to me I will love you sincerely and unconditionally. I have faith you love me, and hope you’ll join me. But that is it, and your blessings. You can still refuse me, and it would change nothing my Goddess. I just hope you enjoy what you read and what you see from where you are.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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