The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Letter 21

The Vents...

Dear Erza,
She’s dead. My friend lying to me till the end. You are my Goddess, so I will ask a moment to mourn…but today is not the day. Ten’jin died within the Marble claiming I was out to kill Kurja and turn against them. He saw me as Kurja and would refuse to believe otherwise. But in the end….he died.
Death comes to us all yet you have kept me alive. I was beginning to stop wanting to live. But I guess all I have left is to praise you…all I have is to love you and I have lost sight of your face. It’s agonizing but I am a prince. Drakkan has not the ability to lie but his honor concealed a lie from me. He is honestly the most trustworthy and I hate him for it.
In the end, I have only one want, but many goals. My want is you, my goals are raising a better world and have it recognize you…does this please you? Or am I…

Follow the party till the evils of this world are quenched. Lead the way, Brant. Artemis hates Leeron, as usual, and Zehir is still a weak God that will forever fear you. Maybe he will fear me, on my way to you. I hope so, because you seem to despise him when we last met. I can see why now.

I am so fuelled by lose and desire to quench evil…my wounds mean nothing to me anymore.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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