The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Letter 26

The Vents....end.

Dear Erza,
I have never seen such a battle in all my life. The power of a Draconian knight was beyond belief. The loyalty of a Dwarf was…unexpected. The lost of a ranger was disappointing. But after all this, I am proud to have known them.
The battle deep within begun with finding a Darth Lord, Lunaris, a wayward being who had these cursed corpses fighting us and then turned around and joined us. It was swiftly beaten thanks to Maximus and his unfathomable force damage. But amazingly enough he did suffer a mortal wound that we all knew he wouldn’t survive the night. But…was it rage, or something drove he on for us. He shouldered us on leaving undead in his wake.
The next battle found us in the vents where we needed to be to stop the undead from progressing so quickly into Overlook. But the undead came filtering in as soon as we arrived. We spotted amongst them a bug druidess. And our Hairius took up the charge of taking her on…so begun a peculiar fight. One which left him to die, regrettably, but the druidess brought him back to life to kill us.
We had only the intent of fending for ourselves as we rushed for the controls. I didn’t grasp why beyond the pools of undead that surround us. That was, until he arrived. I mean the very room grew still and I dare say the musicians playing stopped to see this man arrive. The entire battle changed as our monk was frozen in fear. I was dazed by the being who made my entire body say “RUN!” though I knew not why. The Lich King exists and was beyond powerful to have hindered us all, merely by showing himself.
Even in the midst of all this, I watched the battle even in the worst situation turn for the better. My, now undead, ally did not turn on us. He struck out against his summoner and fought for us. The dying Draconian was also taking on the Lich King by himself! And standing his ground! Where was I? Killing undead and helping get us the hell out of there…but the glory of this battle goes to them. The lost. I only wish our ranger had not been taken right as we escaped. But we survived as he got snatched away from beside me. I could do nothing for him…but to win, what are you willing to sacrifice. I say no more than what is necessary, which means we could have done better that day, but it was one hell of a fight.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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