The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Letter 7

A Night in Overlook

Dear Erza,

I am to be married. I wish I could hear you. That the Magic and power of yours would not keep you silent. You only make more the meaning of your actions and images you have once given me…but now we are apart. I hold the blade you gave me at silver lake. I know what it means. I have not felt deserving of all that is given to me. And now here I am with a bride to be and the force to get closer to my enemies. I feel even now with the connections I gain, one step closer to killing the wicked. I need power to free you…but will you approve? Is your power not enough. Or must I bring power from other sources to be the hero you need. I will do anything for you, but the question is…can I? I have a group of heroes and this will assist them but what of you?! I still love you. No, the night is still young and dawn is coming. No one will have me but you. Erza, my princess, my Goddess, I already know where you stand. I will not falter now, I have still so much left to do for you, my Queen. Dawn will be here soon.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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