The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Log

Reuniting after 1 year

Log entry 103: I usually would be writing another letter to my Goddess so that she may have the luxury to read them. But I realize it has been about such petty things like my interests and emotional related topics. My heavy biased opinions have been forgetting the breathless moments, and party achievements that occurred only hours prior to my writing. This log is a reminder of that issue I need to correct. And also to note certain activities that have happened before our Silver Lake Guild reunited under the title “Roaring Lion of Silver Lake”.

I had completed my mission of creating cold forges all across the land of Breland which had thrived well even in the midst of war. I had met the remaining Sisters of Steel only to remember their leaders are dead and we failed to save them. Also, I have grown to realize I have been tasting warm wine and found my bed is rather cold. I have reasons for my actions within the guild but I do realize it was them that helped make life better. I hope never to forget that. But Erza will always be the love of my life. I have her sword after all. If it wasn’t for Kurja and Gwen, I would have doubted Erza’s love for me. For they showed it was possible to love. I envied them…and now Gwen’s gone…

I am sorry I must have passed out drinking. At least I think I fixed the wine and broke my bed… but hey I will be joining them, my guild, soon. And it looks like the Exarchs are together on this journey. Things will be more and more interesting, won’t it, my Goddess.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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