The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Log: ?!

Deeper down the depths of ShadowFell

Dear Erza,

Another day further in my quest to achieve the power necessary to free you. My brethren have done well today as we progress closer to the forges in the ShadowFell. Innocence seems to be held captive here and so we try to free them. Following all this we know Freya is just ahead. This Day brought a discovery of a child on the streets. I am certain I could have saved her but I did not lie to the procession of soldiers when they asked if she belonged to me. The soldiers claimed to follow a leading Redskinned Devil, and they killed the little girl for no apparent reason. I fought for her with the support of our new Jedi and Cala, but it wasn’t enough; I regret this loss. Though finding the Brig in which homed the very same Redskinned leader, it did bring a smile to my face. We entered under disguise of wealthy patrons to their business. Drakkan and Mirtalia proceeded further in and returned later with hidden spoils that told us they killed him. Including his body so no more proof needed and a pleasant surprise to me. Along with the notice of his death, we released approximately 14 young children. None above the age of 16 but most as young as 7. It was detestable and needed to be done. I know my powers may be tainted with evil but Goddess I pray you can accept my nature and I hope it is still worth your while. Aside from that we have found ourselves beside the forges. We are here and will progress soon. Tired but soon. We will infiltrate this place and with your blessings return victorious and fight our way out of this Hell. Though I dare say to some degree even in its perversion it does intrigue me.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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