The Battle of Overlook

Lepidius Log: DD

If we meet again, I will surely kill you...

Dear Erza, I, Morcant Wynarn, will disclose with you the shame that is my own. My brethren suffered a great loss today.
Sure he wasn’t the brightest Goliath I have ever met. Hell, he was one of the first I have ever known. But his death is
just another weight that we carry. We found the forges and we found their strength, and today we were not at our best.

In the depths of this Hell we found the dark forges. The guards were slaughtered before we arrived. Blood had spilled
out of them like oil from an open vein in the earth. This was the sign of Freiya, the actress played us a fool with her
ditsy behavior. Her prowess of piloting the forge borne machine took us to such a great disadvantage. Their numbers
were what we are use to, but this ‘Thing’ was more than what I could bargain with.

When Drakkan fell unconscious I brought his unconscious form back to our party in hopes he would rise and fight. Blinded and restrained your power still let me do this. I hoped it was a solid plan but his fall so early was an ill omen for our battle. In hind-sight it was enough to realize our folly then and there. But I was so prepared to jump the beast and have grabbed the machine and female there and restrain them as my guild escaped. But I remember the brave and foolish Drakkan and it angers me that he would push me to survive, and so I did. If I honestly spoke, I’d say I ran out of there because I did not care for his life. I hated his way of thinking but it was necessary. But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t pray for his survival.

“I am done with growing close to these people.” I say this to myself but my heart still exists and it mourns the Lobelia Guild. I mourn Drakkan, and I will mourn others. But not today, not now, I will save others in memory of them. It is in my power but death, death is persistent. I look to Xaranna and see her Undying form. I ponder this, and this is why I hope. I do not wish to fear death but my actions say I do. I rather fear not seeing you or not growing strong enough to free you. If you are not freed then this coward I may appear to be has nothing to live for.

What I remember is we ran, and we are now travelling further in to the Dark Tower. My only goal is to redeem my honor and finish what has been started. The forges are no more as Freiya beat us to it. Which begs me to question: Are we on the same side or just pawns under a similar king and not aware of it? Our hands are being lead and we still further objectives of beings over us. These are my inner thoughts and questions but I do not care for an answer. If you will empower me and allow me to grow so much stronger that I can defeat the Gods that stand in your way, I will do so.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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