The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Letter 4

Refecting on Castle Riverroar

Dear Lady of the White Well,

We have finally made it through Riverroar Castle. I missed most of the end but at least I still survived. The Cyre forces were difficult but maybe I am just being something I am not. Your blessings have kept me even after my poor choices. In Riverroar Castle, we defeated all the Cyre forces and it appears they had made a deal with forces of the undead. Which may connect them to the Lich King, but the title of this connection they had was ‘The Emissary’. I have yet to know who that was but there was a lot related to the Gods and Goddesses of Bahamut. Which makes me sad to believe I may have missed you within those cold walls. Because of my poor decisions in positioning and battle. I have been taken down numerous times. Maybe I just like seeing you, needing you to bring me back from your waters. Even if it hurts you have kept me alive. My party deserves some praise but I personally find trouble giving you less. I just need to be better for you. The beauty of what I don’t understand is that seeing you means more to me than the words and touch of anyone in this world. Maybe I make little sense but I will do better in time. I aim to find a way to bring you glory for saving my life and helping my party.


TrinityLancer jaczireallzinhouzin

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