The Battle of Overlook

Mirtalia's Thoughts 1

Welcome to Hell

[Just as the party was boarding the Goblin’s Motorcycle]
This place is a hellhole. A world that has been stripped of the glamours that the mortal plane hides behind. To think that Freiya would find solice here.

I still can’t believe I couldn’t repress the blood within me when I saw Freiya. I hadn’t lost control of myself since I found out Freiya killed Mother and
Father. As powerful as it makes me, I can’t give into the euphoria that the blood gives me; it goes completely against the ideal Mother stood for.

[Dream sequence during the ride to Shadow Archangel]
(Image of Mother kneeling in front of 8-year-old Mirtalia) "Listen, Mirtalia. This blood that flows within you is both a blessing and a curse. The power you’re capable
of acheiving with the blood alone may be amazing, but you would lose everything that makes “you” you. That’s why you have to be able to control everything about
yourself. Your emotions, your thoughts, your desires, if you let even one factor take over, then irreversible consequences may occur. However, that doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t stop yourself from helping other or especially yourself. That just means that you shouldn’t act mindlessly. (Suddenly throws a volley of punches at Mirtalia
at blinding speed while avoiding even a graze on her) That is why you must learn the ways of the monk."

[Same dream sequence, but Mirtalia, full grown, is now surrounded by darkness with all light swallowed whole]
(Devilish laughter echoes through the endless plain) “Mirtalia, you know we were meant to be. You need me.”
“No, no I don’t need you. I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you…”
(From the shadows of the darkness arises a grayscale Mirtalia with glowing orange eyes) “But you do need me. You can’t do anything by yourself, can you? You ran away from the Lich King, Loki showed you mercy, you even let a crossbowman get the best of you. Freiya’s minions would’ve killed you if I hadn’t stepped in.” (Cuts own wrist,
approaches real Mirtalia, and throws her arm over her shoulder) “You know this smell, don’t you? The blood of your ancestral lineage flows within us, and what a
powerful odor it is! It’s the only way to get vengeance, and you know it.”
(With steady fists, Mirtalia grabs Grayscale’s cut wrist with one hand) “I said…” (Grayscale recoils in pain as her wrist is slowly crushed by Mirtalia’s grip as Mirtalia readys her other fist) “I don’t NEED YOU!!!”

[Mirtalia wakes up from the dream sequence]
(Ten seconds past as Mirtalia collects herself) “The only one who will kill Freiya will be me.”


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