The Battle of Overlook

Mirtalia's Thoughts 2

Shadow Archangel Events

Church Meeting

(Leaning against building right above the Silver Flame Church)
They are definitely watching us. Men and women would throw glances at my direction whenever they think I’m not looking. Eyes from above and below disappearing and
reappearing. The bastards think we’re oblivious. Especially this one, walking in front of me as if it was a coincidence. Wait, he’s writing something. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Okay, time to tail.

Looks like he’s meeting with someone. Trading information about us, maybe. One of them’s throwing some sort of signal and it’s making more people gather around them.
Five, ten, twenty, fourty, in just one minute! Definitely a mob forming. Looks like joining their numbers may be best for now.

The mob’s now gathered in front of a wooden stage in the center of the block. There’s a man on stage spewing stuff about giving justice to the blacksmith and his
family for selling Brelend weaponry, the usual political nonsense.
(Hand grabs Mirtalia’s shoulder. Mirtalia turns around to find Landorus staring at her and giving her the signal to regroup)

That’s strange. Where’s Callidus? (Whispers among the crowd can be heard directing attention to the stage) What the hell is Brant doing?
(Mirtalia watches as Callidus unties the Blacksmith and his family while enduring the flames at the base) Looks like he’s doing something right for once.
(Speech man starts yelling at Brant to stop untying them) “SILENCE!!!”
(Mirtalia’s eyes perk up at the sight of this scene) Since when did Brant gain a pair? He was never this dominating before.
(Brant convinces the speech man to release the blacksmith and his family)
I’m impressed, Brant. You actually took control of the situation for once.

Paladin Jin

Shit, the bastards were waiting for us. They outnumber us 2 to 1. Martial artists along with a paladin. Look like seasoned warriors too. (Punches into palm)
Just watch, devil me. I don’t need your strength to hold my own.

Red-Skinned Man

Slash this fucker good, Drahogan.


TrinityLancer faustinoaguilar3

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