Drohagan Ashlord

Titanblood Ravager (Deceased)


Drohagan is the son of a fire giant, wears chain armor, and carries severed heads around his waist. He carries a massive slab of metal, loosely resembling a sword.

Last updated 17APR2016; Ftr2


Brawn S
Heart A
Agility C
Mind D
Spirit D
Charisma B

Technique List:

Cleave, Crushing Surge, Takedown Attack, Head Fling, Unwavering Flame, Boundless Endurance


Athletics , Endurance, Fire Bending, Intimidate; Common, Gaelic


Powerful Athlete, Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Ravager Vigor, Titanblood Greatweapon Prowess, Gnoll Allies, Head Slinger, Great Reflexes


“Dread”, Severed Efreeti Head


Drohagan is a seasoned mercenary leader, having recently lost a number of fighting men and women to the forces of the Lich King. He joins the Silverlake Guild in their quest to stifle the Orkish threat from spilling into Overlook and onward to Breland’s capital.

  • Ravager of Z’nir
  • Prince of the Beast Kingdoms of Breland
  • Son of Gorodan Ashlord
  • Tactician of Vralkek
  • Taker of the Fallen
  • Gnoll Culture Adept
  • Blessed by Vulcan
  • Wielder of Truth

Drohagan Ashlord

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