The Battle of Overlook

The Introduction of Cassius Brutus

That night, the gates of hell opened. The angels descended from the heavens, their seraph blades alight like the stars they fell from. A broken body of meat and metal crashed into the ground, dark magics still smoking from his armor. He rose from the broken ground, blades in his chest and a look of defiance on his face. The men shuddered with fear as the ear piercing roar rang across the night. The roar turned to laughter," You thought you could defy me with a body riddled with wounds!"
Steam rose in the moon light from the fresh blood still wet. Without a glance he tore out the swords, grinning at the demon. He gripped the handle of his warhammer, feeling reassurance in its weight and cool touch of the iron against his hands. “Though you’ve slain many of my kin with that hammer, don’t think you can match me boy .”
The splintering of demon bone interrupted the insults as the knight’s hammer drove the demon back. With an agonizing scream, flames again engulfed the demon, and he was swallowed by the earth.

The On Going Journal of The Heroes of Silver Lake

This is a journal I will be maintaining throughout our game. I’ll be putting in back stories as well as the current game info.

Dungeons & Gary
The Battle for Overlook

Campaign starts here, boyz.


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