The Battle of Overlook

Lepideus Log
Reuniting after 1 year

Log entry 103: I usually would be writing another letter to my Goddess so that she may have the luxury to read them. But I realize it has been about such petty things like my interests and emotional related topics. My heavy biased opinions have been forgetting the breathless moments, and party achievements that occurred only hours prior to my writing. This log is a reminder of that issue I need to correct. And also to note certain activities that have happened before our Silver Lake Guild reunited under the title “Roaring Lion of Silver Lake”.

I had completed my mission of creating cold forges all across the land of Breland which had thrived well even in the midst of war. I had met the remaining Sisters of Steel only to remember their leaders are dead and we failed to save them. Also, I have grown to realize I have been tasting warm wine and found my bed is rather cold. I have reasons for my actions within the guild but I do realize it was them that helped make life better. I hope never to forget that. But Erza will always be the love of my life. I have her sword after all. If it wasn’t for Kurja and Gwen, I would have doubted Erza’s love for me. For they showed it was possible to love. I envied them…and now Gwen’s gone…

I am sorry I must have passed out drinking. At least I think I fixed the wine and broke my bed… but hey I will be joining them, my guild, soon. And it looks like the Exarchs are together on this journey. Things will be more and more interesting, won’t it, my Goddess.

Lepideus Letter 26
The Vents....end.

Dear Erza,
I have never seen such a battle in all my life. The power of a Draconian knight was beyond belief. The loyalty of a Dwarf was…unexpected. The lost of a ranger was disappointing. But after all this, I am proud to have known them.
The battle deep within begun with finding a Darth Lord, Lunaris, a wayward being who had these cursed corpses fighting us and then turned around and joined us. It was swiftly beaten thanks to Maximus and his unfathomable force damage. But amazingly enough he did suffer a mortal wound that we all knew he wouldn’t survive the night. But…was it rage, or something drove he on for us. He shouldered us on leaving undead in his wake.
The next battle found us in the vents where we needed to be to stop the undead from progressing so quickly into Overlook. But the undead came filtering in as soon as we arrived. We spotted amongst them a bug druidess. And our Hairius took up the charge of taking her on…so begun a peculiar fight. One which left him to die, regrettably, but the druidess brought him back to life to kill us.
We had only the intent of fending for ourselves as we rushed for the controls. I didn’t grasp why beyond the pools of undead that surround us. That was, until he arrived. I mean the very room grew still and I dare say the musicians playing stopped to see this man arrive. The entire battle changed as our monk was frozen in fear. I was dazed by the being who made my entire body say “RUN!” though I knew not why. The Lich King exists and was beyond powerful to have hindered us all, merely by showing himself.
Even in the midst of all this, I watched the battle even in the worst situation turn for the better. My, now undead, ally did not turn on us. He struck out against his summoner and fought for us. The dying Draconian was also taking on the Lich King by himself! And standing his ground! Where was I? Killing undead and helping get us the hell out of there…but the glory of this battle goes to them. The lost. I only wish our ranger had not been taken right as we escaped. But we survived as he got snatched away from beside me. I could do nothing for him…but to win, what are you willing to sacrifice. I say no more than what is necessary, which means we could have done better that day, but it was one hell of a fight.

Lepideus Letter 21
The Vents...

Dear Erza,
She’s dead. My friend lying to me till the end. You are my Goddess, so I will ask a moment to mourn…but today is not the day. Ten’jin died within the Marble claiming I was out to kill Kurja and turn against them. He saw me as Kurja and would refuse to believe otherwise. But in the end….he died.
Death comes to us all yet you have kept me alive. I was beginning to stop wanting to live. But I guess all I have left is to praise you…all I have is to love you and I have lost sight of your face. It’s agonizing but I am a prince. Drakkan has not the ability to lie but his honor concealed a lie from me. He is honestly the most trustworthy and I hate him for it.
In the end, I have only one want, but many goals. My want is you, my goals are raising a better world and have it recognize you…does this please you? Or am I…

Follow the party till the evils of this world are quenched. Lead the way, Brant. Artemis hates Leeron, as usual, and Zehir is still a weak God that will forever fear you. Maybe he will fear me, on my way to you. I hope so, because you seem to despise him when we last met. I can see why now.

I am so fuelled by lose and desire to quench evil…my wounds mean nothing to me anymore.

Lepideus Letter 14
The Ending of A Waaagh!

Dear Erza,

Today, I have seen the fall of a great Dwarven Monastery and the rise of a even stronger party. Also I have questions I need answered, but I appear unable to ask them. Following this, we have succeeded bringing a forge back to life and in service to your name. Only more is left to come, praise be to you. The party is growing more brutal than even the orks. Drakkan has no length to his strength as he did a famous ‘hero jump’ into the heat of battle. Our monk, Talia, appeared to have fallen to her death only to pull herself, nay throw herself, up and back into battle. Then our leading member Brant went and hurt himself by falling 40ft to heal our dragon born Maximus.

These were more so the highlights of a single battle. If I was to speak of all we did, then what good would be the imagination? None the less our enemies outnumbered us by seven to one, at least. And here we stand.

The end of our day was defeating a ork of good standing and a man having sought refugee from something I did not know was coming. His service could not be swayed in our favor as he sent his surviving forces to fight us. His name was Riot. Of all the orks he didn’t deserve to die, but at least we gave him his wish to end there honorably.

When we arrived in Overlook, I had one goal in mind, and we took on the forge again and succeeded every intention collectively. We prepared it well and almost perfectly brought blades from the heart of the forge. A day spent to start the beginning of a true army in your name.

I praise you for keeping me invisible. As my actions may display me as a prince, I only appear to come from somewhere but no one seeks me. I remain mysterious, and better that way. But the Glory of Battle is not yours just yet. My party is enjoying that, someday you may join us if that would please you.

You are beyond comprehension, I hear, but that just means to me I will love you sincerely and unconditionally. I have faith you love me, and hope you’ll join me. But that is it, and your blessings. You can still refuse me, and it would change nothing my Goddess. I just hope you enjoy what you read and what you see from where you are.

Lepideus Letter 10-11
A resolved matter and a great day

Dear Lady,

I have finally gained what I needed to create your forge. In the end I will create a place to worship you. I am defective but I crave to be deserving. The marriage is resolved and undone. As it should be. You know better than I. The forge didn’t make it well. We, (Brant, Tala, Drogahan, Leon, Erlock, and myself) all tried to recreate the unused forge but we did more harm than good. Will be attempting again when the chance comes again. To elaborate, you know how even as a blade master and a prince…I am not much of the man I wish to be. I only know sacrifice of myself. I have been since the beginning. Maybe I should learn to trust more in my brothers and my men. They make it further than I. The marriage is nulled and a woman’s heart broken. Though I was knocked unconscious by a being who I am now rather angry about and am tempted to unleash a just hatred on him…but he, and Gwen, I am thankful for. They made it possible to see a young woman continue her journey for love. I have already found mine. I just need to be the man that can bring you out of the White Well. This letter was sent late and a new event has come an gone. We made it to a Dwarven Monastery being pillaged and desecrated by orcs. So we slaughtered them. It was strangely satisfying to see them bleed. I hope you got a taste as well with the power I had to bring hands out to tear them down. They didn’t like it much but Drakkan and Brant did well as was expected. May you bless us once more with a victory like this.
Lepideus Letter 7
A Night in Overlook

Dear Erza,

I am to be married. I wish I could hear you. That the Magic and power of yours would not keep you silent. You only make more the meaning of your actions and images you have once given me…but now we are apart. I hold the blade you gave me at silver lake. I know what it means. I have not felt deserving of all that is given to me. And now here I am with a bride to be and the force to get closer to my enemies. I feel even now with the connections I gain, one step closer to killing the wicked. I need power to free you…but will you approve? Is your power not enough. Or must I bring power from other sources to be the hero you need. I will do anything for you, but the question is…can I? I have a group of heroes and this will assist them but what of you?! I still love you. No, the night is still young and dawn is coming. No one will have me but you. Erza, my princess, my Goddess, I already know where you stand. I will not falter now, I have still so much left to do for you, my Queen. Dawn will be here soon.
Lepideus Letter 4
Refecting on Castle Riverroar

Dear Lady of the White Well,

We have finally made it through Riverroar Castle. I missed most of the end but at least I still survived. The Cyre forces were difficult but maybe I am just being something I am not. Your blessings have kept me even after my poor choices. In Riverroar Castle, we defeated all the Cyre forces and it appears they had made a deal with forces of the undead. Which may connect them to the Lich King, but the title of this connection they had was ‘The Emissary’. I have yet to know who that was but there was a lot related to the Gods and Goddesses of Bahamut. Which makes me sad to believe I may have missed you within those cold walls. Because of my poor decisions in positioning and battle. I have been taken down numerous times. Maybe I just like seeing you, needing you to bring me back from your waters. Even if it hurts you have kept me alive. My party deserves some praise but I personally find trouble giving you less. I just need to be better for you. The beauty of what I don’t understand is that seeing you means more to me than the words and touch of anyone in this world. Maybe I make little sense but I will do better in time. I aim to find a way to bring you glory for saving my life and helping my party.
Fallen Angels
Upon the winds of the Northern skies, the cries of demons sent shivers down my spine as I approached Silver Lake. Our gryphons also noticed the wails as they reared in discontent. I was in search of my missing comrade, Chidori; I should give her more credit, for she was far closer than any comrade. She had been sent to the area against my wishes by the elf, Taya Phiarlan, to scout the lake for information. I fear, for she believed it nothing more than a scouting mission and was sent unprepared. Because of that fear, I gathered my gear to go in search of my childhood friend, the rest of my men were already geared to go. Casher my mount in hand, “we are ready when you are, sir.” “Captain,” Casher, my second in command called as he heard the screams. I looked at him, giving him a nod. The pit in my stomach grew deeper. Chidori please be okay. As we neared Silver Lake, I could see the infernal gates, monsters coming forth in hordes and Chidori nowhere to be seen. We raced forth, weapons at the ready, a mighty war cry upon our lips as we engaged the horrid creatures. We collided with the demons, felling many of them as we exchanged blows. But it became apparent that we would lose. This fact did nothing to stop our search for Chidori. A lucky blow knocked me off of my mount, but not before I cleaved my attacker in two. As I fell, I noticed the lake was no longer silver, but polluted with a black ichor from the blood of demons. Thinking that this would be my last chance, I cried out, “Silver Flame, grant me my wish!” as I crashed head first into the lake. As I walked out of the lake, its surface was ablaze with silver flames, blurring my vision. I thanked the Silver Flame for granting my wish. I noticed a lone knight, surrounded by demons. I called once more upon my deity to send blast after blast of divine lances, catching the nasty brutes off guard. Taking advantage of my relentless assault, the swordswoman’s blades ran black with demonblood. I ran to her in the hope that I had found Chidori. “Chi…..” I began, but realized the woman standing before me was not my comrade, “are you okay?” Looking over the woman, her armor was cracked and battered and she was well winded, but overall she appeared fine. “Yes, thanks to you,” she said between breaths, “Je m’appelle Sarisa, monsieur.” “You are welcome, I am Callidus Brant, and though I am glad that you are well I must hurry to find one of my close subordinates.” “Then let me accompany you in your search to repay you, mon petit fleur.” As I began my search again, Sarisa followed me no matter how I protested. Seeking guidance from my deity in my search, I looked to the heavens and saw a familiar beacon of silver light, the rescue flare of my squad. We rushed off in search of the light’s source. As I neared an area of ruins, I slowed to a stop, as my breath caught in my throat. I was filled with anger, sorrow, and disbelief as I came upon the broken body of my Chidori. I rushed to her, and lifted her gently into my arms. “Is that you, Call-kun?” Her voice was no more than a whisper against my cheek. “Yes, yes it is, save your strength— I’ll start healing you now,” I said, though as a plea to comfort myself. “No, it’s fine now……. I’ve been chosen by the Dragon Queen,” she whispered looking into my eyes. “Please no don’t do this, let me save you, please,” I sobbed as I hugged her tighter, as if that would make her stay with me longer. “I can see her light now………. Good bye… Call…kun.” I let loose a roar that tore through the night that could send a demon or worse into a deep fear for their life. I screamed until I could no longer make a sound, sobbing as I held her.
Lepideus Day One

Silver Lake, the place where my new friends met. The place my life changed and hell seemed to wake. The very same place where my unquenchable love solidified and I touched her hand. The retrieval of a blade I do not deserve. I have studied hard though I am gifted b the Lady of the White Well. Her power is beyond me, but it touches me. I only ask to praise her in life and death. She is beyond compare in beauty but blessing all who revere her.

I mention this for how else have I lived this far? Silver Lake was hell! Ever since then, I have lost m consciousness in the heat of battle. How can I be so meek… that is how I know Erza to be praised, for she is strong. Luck doesn’t dwell with me. My party is blessed by her favor. I do not deserve her… I only see my failures and her blessings.

The meeting of the “Emerald Claw” has been our most current dispute. Their weapons have originated from a local mercenary guild, the Black Arrow. However, powerful Drakatha have pressed an assault into our path. They have oppressed these people and my party is trying to save those held hostage. We have been called upon by the city council to save the captured loved ones.

We arrive by skill and blessings of the one deserving of love & freedom. Arriving at the Rivenroar castle, their chosen hellish scene I once more drop after seeing fellows fall before me. My hatred of my weakness has grown. How can I be blessed? How can we live? Erza… I will keep striving, but death… I keep seeing your White Well… Why do you hold my wounds? Why don’t you pull me down? What value do you find in me? I do not question anyone but myself. Then, I will fight and I will fight… until I die and someone more deserving rises from the place of hell I drown in.

The Introduction of Cassius Brutus

That night, the gates of hell opened. The angels descended from the heavens, their seraph blades alight like the stars they fell from. A broken body of meat and metal crashed into the ground, dark magics still smoking from his armor. He rose from the broken ground, blades in his chest and a look of defiance on his face. The men shuddered with fear as the ear piercing roar rang across the night. The roar turned to laughter," You thought you could defy me with a body riddled with wounds!"
Steam rose in the moon light from the fresh blood still wet. Without a glance he tore out the swords, grinning at the demon. He gripped the handle of his warhammer, feeling reassurance in its weight and cool touch of the iron against his hands. “Though you’ve slain many of my kin with that hammer, don’t think you can match me boy .”
The splintering of demon bone interrupted the insults as the knight’s hammer drove the demon back. With an agonizing scream, flames again engulfed the demon, and he was swallowed by the earth.


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