The Battle of Overlook

Last Accounts of Drohagan

As my and my fellow band approached the foundry there was an eerie air of which I had known only twice in my life. Flashes came as I thought of my two troupes that had met their end under my reign. Their faces and families faces of anguish and grief. I knew after those that my abilities as a leader were lacking, but now under Calidus Brant I find hope in solid and sound leadership from a moral standing like none I had seen before.
When at the door we found there were two dead already there. It was odd to me that their faces were leaking blood in the same way I had witnessed Mirtalia do numerous times. Upon investigating we found that the lady we had received aid from a while ago was in our presence. I approached her and, while I wished so badly for her to be on our side, I remained cautious of her in respect my friends safety. During our conversation I pieced together that Frea was inside.
Without hesitation I launched in and went to find her. She, while yes stealing from me, had shown no ill intentions and promised us assistance. Surely her allegiance would help in our endeavors. I found her standing at the end of the room across a lake of fireat the head of what seemed to be somewhere around 20 men. These tiny people were of no interest to me. I exchanged words with her to no prevail. Perhaps I am to far away?
As my cohorts made their way in I dashed to her, leaping over the lake with ease. I landed and continued to her. Now having moved to a Wyvern she had let out of a large pot, she stood looking at it. As I initiated a conversation with her, she seemed to misunderstand her own situation. She was obviously in some way in control of the Wyvern yet she didn’t realize it yet. I attempted to convince her of the fact that she was in control, and then there was a flash… Cannon fire after cannon fire rained down upon me. Fist after fist thrashed me. I could feel myself being torn apart steadily until I blacked out.
I went in and out of the fight after that hearing clashes and final groans. I even remember seeing myself being dragged by Lepidius in a strange unearthly place at one point. I thought, how did you muster up this strength my friend? When I came to I was in front of the wicked beast of a women Frea yet again. As Calidus stood up from healing me he took a sword to the back and fell to the ground. No!!! I can’t let him die for me!!!
I was still in searing pain, but Calidus was on the verge of death, so I grabbed one of the merchants blood vials as fast as I could and made him chug it. I stuck it so far down his throat he coughed and woke up immediately. As I turned back to the threat, I saw Lepidius in a shambled sight where I had been before. This was only a brief sight. It was immediately blocked out by the Wyverns canons yet again.
I spat blood alongside my following words. “Run friends.” I lay there as I watched one by one they ran out the door. The only one to stop by me was Calidus. I can’t remember the exchange we had, but I do remember handing him Dread and Chaos in the hopes he might keep them safe for me. Stay well my friends. Our journey parts ways here. Farewell.Drohagan Ashlord

Lepidius Log: DD
If we meet again, I will surely kill you...

Dear Erza, I, Morcant Wynarn, will disclose with you the shame that is my own. My brethren suffered a great loss today.
Sure he wasn’t the brightest Goliath I have ever met. Hell, he was one of the first I have ever known. But his death is
just another weight that we carry. We found the forges and we found their strength, and today we were not at our best.

In the depths of this Hell we found the dark forges. The guards were slaughtered before we arrived. Blood had spilled
out of them like oil from an open vein in the earth. This was the sign of Freiya, the actress played us a fool with her
ditsy behavior. Her prowess of piloting the forge borne machine took us to such a great disadvantage. Their numbers
were what we are use to, but this ‘Thing’ was more than what I could bargain with.

When Drakkan fell unconscious I brought his unconscious form back to our party in hopes he would rise and fight. Blinded and restrained your power still let me do this. I hoped it was a solid plan but his fall so early was an ill omen for our battle. In hind-sight it was enough to realize our folly then and there. But I was so prepared to jump the beast and have grabbed the machine and female there and restrain them as my guild escaped. But I remember the brave and foolish Drakkan and it angers me that he would push me to survive, and so I did. If I honestly spoke, I’d say I ran out of there because I did not care for his life. I hated his way of thinking but it was necessary. But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t pray for his survival.

“I am done with growing close to these people.” I say this to myself but my heart still exists and it mourns the Lobelia Guild. I mourn Drakkan, and I will mourn others. But not today, not now, I will save others in memory of them. It is in my power but death, death is persistent. I look to Xaranna and see her Undying form. I ponder this, and this is why I hope. I do not wish to fear death but my actions say I do. I rather fear not seeing you or not growing strong enough to free you. If you are not freed then this coward I may appear to be has nothing to live for.

What I remember is we ran, and we are now travelling further in to the Dark Tower. My only goal is to redeem my honor and finish what has been started. The forges are no more as Freiya beat us to it. Which begs me to question: Are we on the same side or just pawns under a similar king and not aware of it? Our hands are being lead and we still further objectives of beings over us. These are my inner thoughts and questions but I do not care for an answer. If you will empower me and allow me to grow so much stronger that I can defeat the Gods that stand in your way, I will do so.

Mirtalia's Thoughts 2
Shadow Archangel Events

Church Meeting

(Leaning against building right above the Silver Flame Church)
They are definitely watching us. Men and women would throw glances at my direction whenever they think I’m not looking. Eyes from above and below disappearing and
reappearing. The bastards think we’re oblivious. Especially this one, walking in front of me as if it was a coincidence. Wait, he’s writing something. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Okay, time to tail.

Looks like he’s meeting with someone. Trading information about us, maybe. One of them’s throwing some sort of signal and it’s making more people gather around them.
Five, ten, twenty, fourty, in just one minute! Definitely a mob forming. Looks like joining their numbers may be best for now.

The mob’s now gathered in front of a wooden stage in the center of the block. There’s a man on stage spewing stuff about giving justice to the blacksmith and his
family for selling Brelend weaponry, the usual political nonsense.
(Hand grabs Mirtalia’s shoulder. Mirtalia turns around to find Landorus staring at her and giving her the signal to regroup)

That’s strange. Where’s Callidus? (Whispers among the crowd can be heard directing attention to the stage) What the hell is Brant doing?
(Mirtalia watches as Callidus unties the Blacksmith and his family while enduring the flames at the base) Looks like he’s doing something right for once.
(Speech man starts yelling at Brant to stop untying them) “SILENCE!!!”
(Mirtalia’s eyes perk up at the sight of this scene) Since when did Brant gain a pair? He was never this dominating before.
(Brant convinces the speech man to release the blacksmith and his family)
I’m impressed, Brant. You actually took control of the situation for once.

Paladin Jin

Shit, the bastards were waiting for us. They outnumber us 2 to 1. Martial artists along with a paladin. Look like seasoned warriors too. (Punches into palm)
Just watch, devil me. I don’t need your strength to hold my own.

Red-Skinned Man

Slash this fucker good, Drahogan.

Mirtalia's Thoughts 1
Welcome to Hell

[Just as the party was boarding the Goblin’s Motorcycle]
This place is a hellhole. A world that has been stripped of the glamours that the mortal plane hides behind. To think that Freiya would find solice here.

I still can’t believe I couldn’t repress the blood within me when I saw Freiya. I hadn’t lost control of myself since I found out Freiya killed Mother and
Father. As powerful as it makes me, I can’t give into the euphoria that the blood gives me; it goes completely against the ideal Mother stood for.

[Dream sequence during the ride to Shadow Archangel]
(Image of Mother kneeling in front of 8-year-old Mirtalia) "Listen, Mirtalia. This blood that flows within you is both a blessing and a curse. The power you’re capable
of acheiving with the blood alone may be amazing, but you would lose everything that makes “you” you. That’s why you have to be able to control everything about
yourself. Your emotions, your thoughts, your desires, if you let even one factor take over, then irreversible consequences may occur. However, that doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t stop yourself from helping other or especially yourself. That just means that you shouldn’t act mindlessly. (Suddenly throws a volley of punches at Mirtalia
at blinding speed while avoiding even a graze on her) That is why you must learn the ways of the monk."

[Same dream sequence, but Mirtalia, full grown, is now surrounded by darkness with all light swallowed whole]
(Devilish laughter echoes through the endless plain) “Mirtalia, you know we were meant to be. You need me.”
“No, no I don’t need you. I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you…”
(From the shadows of the darkness arises a grayscale Mirtalia with glowing orange eyes) “But you do need me. You can’t do anything by yourself, can you? You ran away from the Lich King, Loki showed you mercy, you even let a crossbowman get the best of you. Freiya’s minions would’ve killed you if I hadn’t stepped in.” (Cuts own wrist,
approaches real Mirtalia, and throws her arm over her shoulder) “You know this smell, don’t you? The blood of your ancestral lineage flows within us, and what a
powerful odor it is! It’s the only way to get vengeance, and you know it.”
(With steady fists, Mirtalia grabs Grayscale’s cut wrist with one hand) “I said…” (Grayscale recoils in pain as her wrist is slowly crushed by Mirtalia’s grip as Mirtalia readys her other fist) “I don’t NEED YOU!!!”

[Mirtalia wakes up from the dream sequence]
(Ten seconds past as Mirtalia collects herself) “The only one who will kill Freiya will be me.”

Lepideus Log: ?!
Deeper down the depths of ShadowFell

Dear Erza,

Another day further in my quest to achieve the power necessary to free you. My brethren have done well today as we progress closer to the forges in the ShadowFell. Innocence seems to be held captive here and so we try to free them. Following all this we know Freya is just ahead. This Day brought a discovery of a child on the streets. I am certain I could have saved her but I did not lie to the procession of soldiers when they asked if she belonged to me. The soldiers claimed to follow a leading Redskinned Devil, and they killed the little girl for no apparent reason. I fought for her with the support of our new Jedi and Cala, but it wasn’t enough; I regret this loss. Though finding the Brig in which homed the very same Redskinned leader, it did bring a smile to my face. We entered under disguise of wealthy patrons to their business. Drakkan and Mirtalia proceeded further in and returned later with hidden spoils that told us they killed him. Including his body so no more proof needed and a pleasant surprise to me. Along with the notice of his death, we released approximately 14 young children. None above the age of 16 but most as young as 7. It was detestable and needed to be done. I know my powers may be tainted with evil but Goddess I pray you can accept my nature and I hope it is still worth your while. Aside from that we have found ourselves beside the forges. We are here and will progress soon. Tired but soon. We will infiltrate this place and with your blessings return victorious and fight our way out of this Hell. Though I dare say to some degree even in its perversion it does intrigue me.
Lepideus Log: ??
What has come over me...

Dear Erza, with your power and unfathomable influence over me. But more so the power that has lead thousands of loyal subjects into battle. Each with faith of their weapons and even more in your prowess in leadership and battle. I ask of you to open your power to me and further my gift as I go forth in the depths of the ShadowFell. I have fallen into a darkness but not into despair.

I have my friends, as odd as we are, but I have, dare I say, power! Your blessings are enough but the link you have given me. I reach into this and drag forth more than what I began with. More! Make me your beacon so they no longer see me but your power flow through. May my party praise you and our enemies quake in fear! I am low now but will rise to be near you, my Goddess.

Show me my Goddess has reach even in the deepest darkness! The demons know of you for I can summon even them in your power. So now let us see what even a captivated prince can do, and show no fear in the glow of the White Well.

Lepideus Log
Reuniting after 1 year

Log entry 103: I usually would be writing another letter to my Goddess so that she may have the luxury to read them. But I realize it has been about such petty things like my interests and emotional related topics. My heavy biased opinions have been forgetting the breathless moments, and party achievements that occurred only hours prior to my writing. This log is a reminder of that issue I need to correct. And also to note certain activities that have happened before our Silver Lake Guild reunited under the title “Roaring Lion of Silver Lake”.

I had completed my mission of creating cold forges all across the land of Breland which had thrived well even in the midst of war. I had met the remaining Sisters of Steel only to remember their leaders are dead and we failed to save them. Also, I have grown to realize I have been tasting warm wine and found my bed is rather cold. I have reasons for my actions within the guild but I do realize it was them that helped make life better. I hope never to forget that. But Erza will always be the love of my life. I have her sword after all. If it wasn’t for Kurja and Gwen, I would have doubted Erza’s love for me. For they showed it was possible to love. I envied them…and now Gwen’s gone…

I am sorry I must have passed out drinking. At least I think I fixed the wine and broke my bed… but hey I will be joining them, my guild, soon. And it looks like the Exarchs are together on this journey. Things will be more and more interesting, won’t it, my Goddess.

Lepideus Letter 26
The Vents....end.

Dear Erza,
I have never seen such a battle in all my life. The power of a Draconian knight was beyond belief. The loyalty of a Dwarf was…unexpected. The lost of a ranger was disappointing. But after all this, I am proud to have known them.
The battle deep within begun with finding a Darth Lord, Lunaris, a wayward being who had these cursed corpses fighting us and then turned around and joined us. It was swiftly beaten thanks to Maximus and his unfathomable force damage. But amazingly enough he did suffer a mortal wound that we all knew he wouldn’t survive the night. But…was it rage, or something drove he on for us. He shouldered us on leaving undead in his wake.
The next battle found us in the vents where we needed to be to stop the undead from progressing so quickly into Overlook. But the undead came filtering in as soon as we arrived. We spotted amongst them a bug druidess. And our Hairius took up the charge of taking her on…so begun a peculiar fight. One which left him to die, regrettably, but the druidess brought him back to life to kill us.
We had only the intent of fending for ourselves as we rushed for the controls. I didn’t grasp why beyond the pools of undead that surround us. That was, until he arrived. I mean the very room grew still and I dare say the musicians playing stopped to see this man arrive. The entire battle changed as our monk was frozen in fear. I was dazed by the being who made my entire body say “RUN!” though I knew not why. The Lich King exists and was beyond powerful to have hindered us all, merely by showing himself.
Even in the midst of all this, I watched the battle even in the worst situation turn for the better. My, now undead, ally did not turn on us. He struck out against his summoner and fought for us. The dying Draconian was also taking on the Lich King by himself! And standing his ground! Where was I? Killing undead and helping get us the hell out of there…but the glory of this battle goes to them. The lost. I only wish our ranger had not been taken right as we escaped. But we survived as he got snatched away from beside me. I could do nothing for him…but to win, what are you willing to sacrifice. I say no more than what is necessary, which means we could have done better that day, but it was one hell of a fight.

Lepideus Letter 21
The Vents...

Dear Erza,
She’s dead. My friend lying to me till the end. You are my Goddess, so I will ask a moment to mourn…but today is not the day. Ten’jin died within the Marble claiming I was out to kill Kurja and turn against them. He saw me as Kurja and would refuse to believe otherwise. But in the end….he died.
Death comes to us all yet you have kept me alive. I was beginning to stop wanting to live. But I guess all I have left is to praise you…all I have is to love you and I have lost sight of your face. It’s agonizing but I am a prince. Drakkan has not the ability to lie but his honor concealed a lie from me. He is honestly the most trustworthy and I hate him for it.
In the end, I have only one want, but many goals. My want is you, my goals are raising a better world and have it recognize you…does this please you? Or am I…

Follow the party till the evils of this world are quenched. Lead the way, Brant. Artemis hates Leeron, as usual, and Zehir is still a weak God that will forever fear you. Maybe he will fear me, on my way to you. I hope so, because you seem to despise him when we last met. I can see why now.

I am so fuelled by lose and desire to quench evil…my wounds mean nothing to me anymore.

Lepideus Letter 14
The Ending of A Waaagh!

Dear Erza,

Today, I have seen the fall of a great Dwarven Monastery and the rise of a even stronger party. Also I have questions I need answered, but I appear unable to ask them. Following this, we have succeeded bringing a forge back to life and in service to your name. Only more is left to come, praise be to you. The party is growing more brutal than even the orks. Drakkan has no length to his strength as he did a famous ‘hero jump’ into the heat of battle. Our monk, Talia, appeared to have fallen to her death only to pull herself, nay throw herself, up and back into battle. Then our leading member Brant went and hurt himself by falling 40ft to heal our dragon born Maximus.

These were more so the highlights of a single battle. If I was to speak of all we did, then what good would be the imagination? None the less our enemies outnumbered us by seven to one, at least. And here we stand.

The end of our day was defeating a ork of good standing and a man having sought refugee from something I did not know was coming. His service could not be swayed in our favor as he sent his surviving forces to fight us. His name was Riot. Of all the orks he didn’t deserve to die, but at least we gave him his wish to end there honorably.

When we arrived in Overlook, I had one goal in mind, and we took on the forge again and succeeded every intention collectively. We prepared it well and almost perfectly brought blades from the heart of the forge. A day spent to start the beginning of a true army in your name.

I praise you for keeping me invisible. As my actions may display me as a prince, I only appear to come from somewhere but no one seeks me. I remain mysterious, and better that way. But the Glory of Battle is not yours just yet. My party is enjoying that, someday you may join us if that would please you.

You are beyond comprehension, I hear, but that just means to me I will love you sincerely and unconditionally. I have faith you love me, and hope you’ll join me. But that is it, and your blessings. You can still refuse me, and it would change nothing my Goddess. I just hope you enjoy what you read and what you see from where you are.


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