Secret Meetings

While you were growing up, Freyja would be gone for days or weeks at a time, forcing you to cultivate— while food was not scarce, you were often abandoned in the King’s Forest in Breland— known for its vicious and murderous wildlife. She valued certain trinkets, and always insisted on taking one of three whenever she’d leave: a chipped die, a kendama, and an obsidian glass short sword with an arrow carved into the blade.

Freyja’s Eyes

Her eyes are known as the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and when she opens them, a fantastic rainbow of lights emits from them, brightly illuminating dark spaces. If she keeps them open for too long, she suffers from migraines. You’ve seen her open them a few times, but only to demonstrate particular techniques, Open the Gate of Battle being the most memorable.

Fight Style

She uses a daring and flashy style, using overwhelming speed. Her softest strikes leave heavy bruising. When you were young, she disciplined you using the wind force behind her punches.

Before her flashiest moves, she grins widely and clenches her teeth in pain, pulling additional power from within.


You’ve witnessed two of her companions on separate occasions. In all cases, she disdained you and treated you as insignificant or utterly worthless garbage. The first was a fiery haired glutton who loved to laugh; you remember his teeth clearly, they like razors. The second was a looming figure who obviously did not approve of your relationship. He kept two black panther cubs as pets.

Red Lotus

Her traveling clothes and sometimes-carried weaponry would often carry the mark of either a Lotus or a stylized Arrow. You are now certain that she is associated with both the Red Lotus group and the Black Arrow mercenaries.

Reasons for Betraying
Your entire bloodline was killed off. Logic dictates that Freyja was protected or made a deal and spared. Freyja killing your mother could have something to do with it.


Freyja had a small book she kept on her, which she would refer to, at times. You glanced inside of it, and the letters looked foreign and terrible, not like the rounded letters you would see in town.


Once a month, sometimes more often, Freyja would make Peanut Butter Curry. It’s a distinct memory.


A small collection of martial artist weaponry were collected at Kartenix’ home in Breland, blades, nunchaku, scythes.


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