NPC Compilation January 1st Week


  • Order RavenBluff – Sarisa D.
  • House Tarkanan – Kid and MacKinney
  • House Vadalis – Malik and Chidori
  • Dalon Guild – Megan Swiftblade, Kaylek
  • Lobelia Guild – Benedicta, Jennifer, Velna, Hippolyta

Order of Raven’s Bluff

Sarisa Delacroix
Golden blonde wearing knightly heraldry and armor in the traditional Aundairian style. Friendly and loyal to a fault. C Cup.

House Tarkanan

Kaitlyn “Kid” Pryde of Tarkanan
Short brunette in simple leathers. A jaded Tarkanan investigator who prides herself on being professional. B Cup.

The bartender that Lepideus saved from debt with the assistance of House Tarkanan. A bubbly red-headed airhead, recently discovered to have a more calculating, intelligent side. D Cup.

House Vadalis & Skyraker’s Ninth

Malik “Taichou” Vadalis
Brant’s boss, head breeder and Vadalis spokesperson of Skyraker’s Ninth. Has a legendary temper, cowing even the most stubborn of gryphons. D Cup.

Kaname Chidori
The prophesied Chosen of Siberys. A beautiful woman with blue hair, bleach white wings, and white robes. She’s a bit tsundere and uppity with her best friend Brant. She is killed at Silverlake before the beginning of the story. B Cup.

The Swords of Dalon

Megan Swiftblade of Dalon
Leader of the Dalon Guild. She keeps her long purple hair in a neat ponytail, wears leather armor, and carries a traditional katana/wakizashi. B Cup.

Kaylek “Kay” Dalon
The busty silver-haired psionicist characterized by Thranish robes and sandals, as well as Leeron’s uncanny ability to walk in on her naked. She is overly polite, traditional, and a bit innocent. E cup.

The Blessed of Saint Lobelia

Benedicta “Benny” Lobelia
Leader of the Lobelia Guild and suitor having declared her love to Callidus Brant. A tall brunette with hair cropped short, with a love for overdramatic flair. B Cup.

Guenhwyfar “Jen” Lobelia
The childhood friend of Lepideus. Raven black haired traditional warlock, Jen is prone to violent outbursts and a severe need for attention. C cup.

Velna Blackwhisper
The tallest member of Lobelia, a sometimes-werewolf, and always carrying a look of apprehension. The timid Velna has dirty blonde hair that sticks up, resembling pup ears. D Cup.

Hippolyta & her sister
Two girls with robes and dark hoods, the taller sister’s eyes glow golden as she leads the shorter by the hand. Hippolyta is not well versed in English, and not much else is known besides. A cup and AA cup.


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