The Scales of War


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For the PCs

PC Assumptions
Guild: Heroes of Dalon
NPC Compilation January 1st Week
Freyja Information on the Tiefling known as Freyja
Barakor A Short Story featuring Grim, written by Bard

PC List

Alejandro Solonor

Eldar Gunslinger of the Draelus Tairn (Akira)
Rugged expert on Turathi technology

Tybalt of Choir

Tengu Scoundrel Rogue (Oboro)
Black winged angel, beautiful, mysterious, and daring

Hartvoren Proudspear

Tauren Warden of the Windy Steppes (Kurosu)
Noble Bull Hero, loved by all

Indrazil Gildren d’Pharlian

Eldar Sorceror-Disciple of the Fire God (Macha)
First Son of House Spiritseeker

Tiziano Cedore a.k.a Zian

Genasi Wind Elementalist
Non-Religious and Dignified Thranish Librarian Psycher

S. G. Henry

Dwarven War Cleric of the Torgue Corporation (Bonta)
Assistant Manager with a Master’s Degree in Business

Sidonia Vaillant

Human Shadowspeaker (Bard)
A young girl threatened by dark secrets and darker magics

Elakion Poisondusk

Eldar Dusk Executioner (Pol)
Quirky but Charming Cannibalistic Psychopath

Uaine Saoina

Human Blademaster of the 13 Swords (Marcos)
Fallen Nobleman of House Seighin

Non-Player Character Collection:

Termina of Our Martyred Lady

Thranish Battle Sister
Destroyer of Heresy

Clemont of Chairron (DECEASED)

Human Wizard of Raven’s Bluff


Eldar Wizard-King

The Battle of Overlook

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