Character Creation

Character Rolling

Rolling a character consists of rolling 6 Ability Scores, gaining all Class Features, choosing 1 additional Feat, and then discerning character history and gear.

TDH Rolling System

Roll&Keep 4d6drop; brutal 5
6 Scores are rolled and kept, to be assigned afterwards.
Rolling a score that is 5 or lower rates a no-penalty re-roll.
Acceptable total modifiers are between 2 and 8 and one score must be at least 14 (BEFORE racial modifiers.)

If you roll too high, your character is too powerful and you must re-roll, but you rate a substantial amount of additional starting XP or a magical item of your choosing, with DM discretion.

If you roll too low, your following roll is subject to a -2 penalty to an ability score, at DM discretion.

Ability Score Role-playing Penalties

Sub13 Int characters are unable to read.
Sub10 Wis characters suffer a lesser psychological disorder
Sub10 Cha characters have +5 difficulty in certain social circumstances

Party Skills

Traditional D&D skills are available. However, skills are encouraged to also be chosen from the 6d6 list. An appropriate support ability score will be assigned.

Language Choices

  • Human Dialects: Aundairian (French), Brelish (Gaelic), Karrnathi (Russian), Thranish (Latin)
  • Common Dialects: Elven, Dwarven, Rokugani (Japanese)
  • Uncommon Dialects: Draconic, Giant
  • Rare Dialects: Abyssal, Deep Speech, Primordial, Supernal
  • Stuff I won’t use, but technically exist: Argon, Quori, Riedran

Experience Modifiers

  • There are no experience modifiers as of 20170101

Additional Characters

  • Replacement characters are at one level lower of the original.
  • If at 1st level, a valid character exists, and a replacement is requested: either the valid character must be played for 1 session OR the replacement character does not gain experience for 1 session.
  • Characters starting at a level past 1st rate a number of magical items, appropriate to party strength.

Additional Rules of Note

  • Players may not make characters with names starting with A. Or names that rhyme with other PC names.
  • Party is restricted to one character with a Leader role. Additional leaders will be modified at DM discretion.
  • Int 13 and every +2 rates an additional language learned
  • Dragonborn
    • Dragon-blooded humans, Drakatha, and Draconian characters rate the following feats during character creation, taking the place of their background feat and modifying their Dragon Breath:
    • Adaptable – Deal 2 types of elemental damage, instead of 1
    • Element Strike – Use prior to a melee attack. Attack targets Reflex defense and deals 1[W] additional elemental damage. This ability replaces Dragon Breath.
    • Empowered, Lesser – Deal 1d8 dmg, up from 1d6
    • Enlarged – Blast radius increases to 5 sq. from 3
    • Throw – May choose to “throw” breath with a Range of 10, with a target radius of Area 1
    • Strengthen – Trigger: You hit with a melee attack. Effect: Deal +2d6 elemental damage. Damage increases per tier.
    • The feats Bolstering and Empowered Breath are still available to take normally.

Character Creation

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