Forgotten King Sessions

Order of Silverlake 2015-2016

# Date Arc Module
1 Dec20 Brindol Assault on Rivenroar
2 Dec27 Rivenroar p2
3 Jan03 Rivenroar p3
4 Jan18 Rivenroar p4
5 Feb20 Rivenroar p5
6 Mar26 Rivenroar Final
7 Apr09 Overlook The Siege
8 Apr16 Siege p2
9 May1 Siege p3
10 May7 Siege Final
11 May21 Archangel Shadowforge Rift
12 May28 Shadowforge p2
13 July2 The Hive Shadowforge Interlude

Fire Eyes 2016

14 July30 Brant’s Hill Grey Veil
15 Aug6 Grey Veil p2
16 Aug13 Grey Veil Final
17 Aug20 Passage Divine Wrath
18 Aug27 N. Aundair Slaazk’s Tower
19 Sep3 Savras
20 Sep10 Twilight Heart Leader of the Pack p1
21 Sep24 Leader Final
22 Oct1 The Hive Demogorgon
23 Oct15 Shadowforge Final

Khyber’s Rejects 2016-2017

24 Dec17 Skull Glade Death in Pincers
25 Dec31 Hightower Library Legacy of Sidonia
26 Jan14 Skull Glade Bacon Goblet
27 Jan21 Cenarion Grove Goddess
28 Jan28 Bloodsong Mountains My Father’s Mercenaries
29 Feb4 Galethspyre Old Man Lars


The Battle of Overlook TrinityLancer TrinityLancer