House Rules

Last Updated 2017 June 01

Dice Rules

  • Actions must be declared before dice are rolled.
  • Dice must roll and stop on the table, landing reliably on a flat surface in such a way that it cannot be contested. The dice must roll more than slide.
  • Each player rolls dice for their own actions. If a player is away from the table for a valid reason (helping in the kitchen, in the bathroom), with their permission, another player may make a roll as their substitute.

DM Mechanics Houserules

  • At 5th level, PCs gain a To-Hit bonus as if granted an Expertise feat. Standard Expertise feats are unavailable.
  • A Critical Hit does not maximize damage on a Precision-based damage (eg. Critical Hit dice, Hunter’s Quarry) 20170601
  • For the Ranger’s Prime Shot feature: “closest” means “closer than any other friendly character.” 20170601
  • Items and features that prevent Opportunity Attacks instead grant a +4 item bonus to AC.
  • Static +dmg items are disallowed. 20170601

Setting Specific Rules

  • Advantage/Disadvantage rules used for Armor and Skill Checks.
  • Planar Travel is extremely rare and always augmented by a complex ritual
  • Resurrection is extremely rare. The Raise Dead ritual is instead a Heal Disability.

Feats and Gear

  • Pacifist Healer feat banned
  • Feats that specifically improve bonus to Death Saves banned
  • Each Multiclass feat taken rates you one additional Multiclass feat of the same line without cost.
  • Acrobat Boots disallowed.
  • Elven Chain Shirt L9 disallowed. 20170704

House Rules

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