Jennifer – “Alright, seeing that you guys are new adventurers, you should mooch off of higher-leveled heroes so they can show you the ropes! How about… THAT ONE! YOU THERE!”
Megan Swiftblade – “Eh? …EHHH?!”

Some time later…

Megan – “So, being new adventurers, there’s a few things you should discuss as a party.”


  • Gold. Party funds are collected into one pool. Funds are distributed between adventurers so PCs can commission magic items, purchase potions, and other adventuring gear and amenities.
  • PvP. Player vs Player combat is highly discouraged, as D&D is a Cooperative Team effort. Only comic relief violence is allowed between players; limited abilities are not considered expended unless utilized in a proper Encounter.

A PC cannot actively choose to harm another PC. If necessary, the character will be forfeited to the DM, who will run the character as an NPC. That player would then create a new PC.

  • Marching Order. “I, as a fighter, lead my party. Behind me is Baldin, the Dwarf. He wears heavy armor, so belongs on the front lines with me— not to mention Sylen and the others are more fleet of foot.” What is your general formation when you march? When you encounter doors? When you’re seated in a tavern?
  • No one Left Behind. What is your party’s judgment if an encounter is too difficult. Is it more important to escape with as many people alive as possible? Or will you refuse to let an ally be left behind?

Tactical Advice

A suspicious hooded figure looms behind Megan Swiftblade. The sunlight reflects a glint in his hands: a wicked looking dagger!

Megan – “Why are you— Oh, this is Ilteris. He may look shady, but he’s actually very reliable.”
Ilteris – “H-hello. Sorry about the dagger. I need to hold the hilt tightly in my hands so its eyes can’t look at me.”
Megan – “…Right. Did you have any advice for these new adventurers?”

  • Well, since it’s 4e, I need to mention that each player chooses a clear-cut roles. Depending on party composition, discuss specific setups and general tactics. Our party has Megan attracting attention, Baldin lending support in the front of the battle. It’s my and Sylen’s job to coordinate damage on enemies, while Kalek, with her superior movement and varied skillset can help damage or disable traps in the room as needed. When allocating points to skill proficiency, having a diverse party is key.
  • Oh, don’t forget that enemies have roles, as well.

Megan – “Oh, that’s rather good, Ilteris.”
Ilteris – “Th-thank you, Ms.Swiftblade. I pray when we are all consumed by the starbeasts in the next few months, that your death will be swift and painless.”
Megan – “…Okay. Did you have anything else?”

  • Try not to open unexplored doors during an encounter
  • Every door requires an hour of investigation before figuring out that it’s completely mundane.
  • That elven barmaid couldn’t possibly be hundreds of years old and be higher level than any of us.
  • Do not jump into the necrotic water, where all of the Undead are rising from.


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